Personal, residential, and commercial theft statistics indicate we are all at risk Law enforcement entities continue to work with businesses that buy direct from the public, and now on digital markets where anyone can post stolen products.

We will see more interaction with law enforcement entities and new mandates will close the loop holes of of the virtual world.

The following are some of the challenges commercial entities and insurance investigators have:


  • Products stolen are not easily found online, in stores, or when sold to individuals person to person
  • Employees stealing have knowledge of facilities
  • Large SKU orders received have numerouis employees handling them
  • Barcoded and scanned containers are emptied and substituted with items of lesser value
  • Items can be marked damaged and or for return to manufacturers but the products disappear
  • Prices are switched
  • High traffic periods like holidays dilute resources on the look out
  • Time lapses since theft make it harder to investigate
  • Investigating from the outside-in is difficult
  • Police involvement without evidence of a crime is difficult


  • With our Loss Prevention Platform searches can be made online and in Buy, Sell, Trade stores
  • The Loss Prevention Platform searches items sold and those currently listed for sales
  • Alerts can be set so that items missing automatically generate an alert indicating it has appeared for sale online or at a store
  • Police messages are automated showing missing items and locations where they have appeared online or at a store
  • Individuals that use multiple email addresses or whom setup up make believe profiles are identified 
  • Individuals that use multiple other phone numbers or make believe profiles are identified