clean inveCommerce sales, in-store sales, and inventory storage warrants a new level of focus. Tracking and controlling items for sale online and within a store has been a challenge for many small retailers.

We realize that our ideas and business practices are a result of the needs of our times. Many small stores have to diversify to compete with superstores and in doing this they have to find and order profitable products, they have to give attention to merchandising items and making their display appealing - today that goes beyond the sales floor and onto the virtual world where buyers search for products and services. It is challenging to safeguard inventories and to make sure dishonest employees or customers or customers are not eating away at profits.

With the many places in which stolen products could be sold, it is becoming more important everday to mitigate risks and have measures in place to monitor and control your inventory.

Ordering from vendors can be automated via our purchase order system, and our Presto Shopper provides access to millions of products that can be purchased from China individually or in bulk.