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         Presto eCom Systems request a demo

Presto eCom Systems “Presto” is a result of 6 key trends that are changing the way businesses operate.


E-commerce Growth

(Including Comparison Shopping Engines and M-commerce) hence instore traffic is not the end-all.

Cloud Computing

(SaaS) provide better Returns on Investment and enable businesses to concentrate on what they do best instead of spending more on IT.

Inventory & Order Management systems

Are in huge demand and for the small business it introduces new efficiencies.

Online Cross Border Trade

Growth is a reality that small business can participate in by giving attention to digital marketing.

The law enforcement and the omnichannel environment

Is a concern generating demand for systems to search for stolen properties by receiving data from traditional stores and now from online marketplaces at a global level.

Stable systems

Used in the USA and a few other countries are facilitating expansion into new markets with a high growth adoption cycle potential.