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The Presto Point-of-Sale  provides for easy entry of customer and product data in a standardized formant

Following a process driven analysis of items and documenting brand, model, serial number attributes and or descriptions makes it easier to identify fake products

Comparing items sold online with items being considered facilitates setting resale value and profit margins

Having detailed data on customers and items appease law enforcement entities during investigations and if required to can be transmitted electronically and automatically. Complete documentation mitigates prosecutor pursuit or losses through confiscation

Being able to see how many similar items are in inventory and monitoring inventory churn allows stores to make sound decisions and capital is not tied-up in merchandise that is slow to move or has little demand

Employee audits facilitate spotting poor decisions and or fraud given that pictures of items when compared to contract descriptions provide safeguards against theft

Online posting on eCommerce marketplaces, classified directories and shopping carts is standardized and synchronized with the POS so that items sold are automatically shown as such

More revenue can be generated from adding and cross-selling other products made available through our economical shopping site