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         Presto eCom Systems request a demo

Presto eCom Systems industriesPresto specializes in providing management and technical services to retailers such as pawnshops, 2nd hand resellers, gun shops, music stores, scrap metal operators, game shops, gaming machine developers, family entertainment retail providers and other niche entities. 

While we work with key verticals within the small and mid-size retail industry, Presto also provides businesses like insurance companies and larger retailers (with Loss Prevention or Security Departments) with investigative software tools.

A number of these market segments are heavily regulated and Presto helps them adopt best practices, technology, and assistance complying. Our subject matter expertise differentiates us from other platform providers.

The team of Presto eCom Systems prides itself in establishing strong relationships with numerous value-added partners and together we bring to market tightly woven solutions that cater to the specific needs of these operations.

It is our history delivering consulting services, software, hardware, training, audits, and website design services that positions Presto eCom Systems to now be able to expand our value proposition to wide encompassing operational platforms.

Our platform helps store owners meet the demands of buyers that are more and more mobile. The public today uses multiple devices, and still shop through the traditional stores as well as through a multitude of online marketplaces.